Pricing the Priceless

Pricing the Priceless by Paula DiPerna


An exciting exploration of the new frontier of finance, to value the planet and protect what has too long been treated as free and taken for granted--the natural assets we need and love most
In Pricing the Priceless: The Financial Transformation to Value the Plant, Solve the Climate Crisis, and Protect Our Most Precious Assets, renowned environmental strategist, speaker, world traveler and author Paula DiPerna brings a unique voice and optic to de-mystify and unveil today’s most fascinating financial disruption—pricing the priceless to flip conventional ideas of how we value natural assets and why. She asks the provocative question long ignored: Why do we value the indispensable atmosphere at zero, but dispensable production in the trillions? She digs into alternatives, with real-life examples from around the globe of fascinating and pioneering financial innovations—controversial and paradoxical, but essential. In the book, you’ll travel from rainforests to Wall Street, Board Rooms to the Vatican, , coral reefs to mangroves to China’s carbon markets. Timely, adventurous, eclectic, and accessible, Pricing the Priceless brings alive the critical financial transformation that will determine future planetary health and social stability.
With power, clarity and real-world experience, the author also examines:

Fascinating new financial inventions and experiments—insurance, bonds, markets, investment funds—all aimed at pricing what is precious and vital to human well-being
How the great current intergenerational shift in wealth and attitudes is redefining investment trends and the idea of what constitutes wealth and return
How climate change and other urgent environmental problems now require entirely new financial thinking to trigger solutions
How once-radical ideas about measuring economic progress are now re-imagining the very purpose of capitalism
Why finance needs critical re-invention to remain credible in the face of increasing public skepticism of business-as-usual economic practiceA can’t-miss read for thought leaders, business executives, investors, activists, and entrepreneurs, Pricing the Priceless is a landmark that will shape the world and future, bridging the tangible and intangible to answer a critical question of rising economic and social inspiration: What is money for?

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