Property Investing Made Simpler (Revised Edition 2019)

Property Investing Made Simpler (Revised Edition 2019) by Andrew Crossley

156 x 234mm

Many books out there are designed to sell a specific strategy or style of property wanting you to believe it is the best for the investor. The reality is there are many styles of property and many strategies that suit some people and not others. Often when different strategies are combined, it improves your portfolio and reduces your risk by spreading out how exposed you are to just one or two variations. It is necessary for investors to understand this point as it will prove important when starting or continuing to build a portfolio. Upon the completion of reading this book, you will have a much better understanding of the importance of having a strategy to avoid following the herd. You will know more about ownership structures, lending requirements/considerations, and, most importantly, avoiding property spruikers and companies that represent the seller — not the buyer. Everyone needs a team or people around them as none of us know everything. I will highlight who you must have in your team for success. Most people have a pain or problem they need to address and overcome. The problem could be not knowing how to reduce risk, lesson impact on your lifestyle when investing in property, successfully build a portfolio, knowing where to go for advice and how to overcome fear. This book will provide you answers to overcoming these problems. Property investment is a journey of strategy, but not just any strategy. This book is designed to educate the majority of investors, who are time-poor and may be disillusioned with the share market. It is for those who recognise the importance of doing something positive in order to have a more prosperous future in retirement. People often listen to those who have an uneducated opinion, developed through little experience or hearsay, with limited knowledge or fact. Think about this quote: If you think too long or don’t act with property investment, you could end up being one of the 99% of the population retiring on less than $40k per annum. Fear and uncertainty are the major drivers of procrastination. Often, when someone does make an effort by haphazardly researching, it can lead to analysis paralysis, and nothing ever happens. Negative gearing, as a strategy, has been oversold. Too many people have been burnt by overly negative gearing, e.g. purchasing a property that is too negatively geared for their lifestyle, or by purchasing too many negatively geared properties that absorb surplus cash flow. There is no guarantee as to when property prices will rise, or rather, rise in the short term. Over the long term, however, property prices do rise — yet many people get caught in the moment like a deer in headlights and they put off purchasing, telling themselves it’s not the right time to buy. If you hold onto property, in the long term, it will compensate for the fact that no one is clever enough to pick when the exact and right time to buy property is.

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