Qi Gong: The Chinese Art Of Working With Energy

Qi Gong: The Chinese Art Of Working With Energy by Barbara Brown
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Qi Gong uses sequences of gentle movement and meditative concentration on the body's energy centres to stimulate, balance and unblock the subtle energies that keep us physically and mentally healthy and strong.

Developed over several thousands of years, Qi Gong exercises heal mind and body by mentally stimulating the same meridians that are used in acupuncture. Gradually the blocked energy channels become cleared, reawakening the feeling of being full of life and free of aches and pains. Qi Gong will rebalance with exercises for either the whole body or for very specific areas - such as a lower back problem or a recurrent headache.

As well as an effective system for re-establishing basic good health, Qi Gong is recognised as an excellent tool for personal development and achieving peak performance in all areas of life.

This fully integrated colour book looks at:
- The ancient history of Qi Gong
- Qi-Gong, stress and health
- Different styles of Qi Gong
- How to find a Qi Gong teacher
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2002

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