Radiant by Tess Whitehurst

152 x 216mm

Embody radiance as you transition into and luxuriate in midlife in all its facets-fashion, health, beauty, and most importantly, mindset-by loving yourself for who you are.

Radiant offers inspiration, journal prompts, practical actions, and a touch of magic to uplift readers embarking on their midlife adventure.

When we embody our female radiance, we are rulers, priestesses, and wisdom keepers. True radiance has little to do with your ability to reproduce, but instead realizing that there is no one else like you-so why keep yourself boxed in? Embrace the unique viewpoints and quirks you've picked up along your life's journey and allow them to illuminate this new phase of your life. In Radiant, Tess Whitehurst provides journal prompts, practical advice, and self-care exercises to awaken your everyday inspiration, with lushly illustrated chapters on:
Activating your inner radiant queen
Sprucing up your home to reflect your attitude toward life
Identifying and maintaining lifelong habits that will nourish your radiant health
Refining your beauty routine to let your regal beauty shine
Updating your wardrobe to show off who you are at your essence
Examining your relationships in ways that will shore up your spirit, mood, and overall well-being
Managing your finances, particularly your retirement fund, so you can thrive in middle-age and beyond
And much more!
Midlife is the time to become radiance personified, activating all of your power to brighten your world and the world around you.
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