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    By: Dr Michael F Roizen

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    Are You As Young As You Can Be?
    An Age Reduction Program that Can Make You Live and Feel Up to 26 Years Younger.

    Aging is not a mysterious metaphysical phenomenon. Aging happens in the particulars. Your arteries become clogged. Your arthritis flares up. Age is not just a chronological measurement; it's the rate at which the primary internal guardians of health - your cardiovascular and immune systems - decline.

    While your chronological age is fixed, your biological age may be years older - or younger - depending on a combination of factors. 'Real Age' offers a revolutionary systematic program that calculates the aging effect of more than 100 different health behaviours - ranging from diet and medication to stress control and chronic smoking - and enables you to assess your own biological age. Most important, it shows you how to design a specific path to improving or reversing your own age trajectory.

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