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    Rebel Code: Linux And The Open Source Revolution

    By: Glyn Moody

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    How Linus Torvalds, Linux and the Open Source movement are Outmastering Microsoft.

    This is the compelling account of how a band of mavericks took on big business and revolutionised the computer world.

    In 1991 a young student, Linus Torvalds, bought a PC and began writing a new software program. It started as a hobby, but in a few years he and a global alliance of hackers, linked by the Net, had developed an operating system that now threatens Microsoft. GNU/Linux is used by millions, and most troubling of all for the corporate giants, it is free.

    In this definitive account, Glyn Moody tells the astonishing David-and-Goliath story of Linux, placing it in the broader history of the free software movement, and shows what can be achieved when creativity and co-operation rise above the profit motive.

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