Regency Gossip The Wedding Gamble A Scandalous Proposal

Regency Gossip/The Wedding Gamble/A Scandalous Proposal by Julia Justiss
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108 x 170mm
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Other Titles by Julia Justiss

The Wedding Gamble

Sarah Wellingford would do her duty.

Even if that meant putting herself on the Marriage Mart during a London season she could ill afford ? and did not desire. Now ironic circumstance have wed her to the compelling Marquess of Englemere, a fabled gamester, who has awakened passions she was honour-bound not to express.

A marriage of convenience could be deucedly inconvenient ? even for a marquess ? when one was perilously close to loving his own wife! But Nicholas Stanhope knew that was impossible, for hadn't his tragic past proven that women ? especially wives ? were not to be trusted?

A Scandalous Proposal

Threatened by extortionists, disowned widow Emily Spenser has little recourse ? until the Earl of Cheverley, captivated by this unusual shopkeeper, comes to her aide.

Emily cannot repay the Earl's expenditures ? not in coin. But having learned through bitter experience not to trust the largesse of powerful men and desperate to stay hidden from the father-in-law who would take away her son, she seeks to cancel her obligation to the highly visible earl immediately. Little does she realise a “fleeting” affair will lead to something much more...
Publication Date:
23 / 01 / 2017
108 x 170mm

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