Renniks Australian Coin & Banknote Values 30th Edition

Renniks Australian Coin & Banknote Values 30th Edition by Michael T Pitt

170 x 240mm

This comprehensive guide to Australian Coin Banknote Values contains over 3,850 images and countless thousands of valuations. This book is a must for all collectors, whether you are just beginning or an advanced collector. Latest information compiled using weighted averages where possible to ensure the accuracy of pricing. Quality reproduction of photos makes it easy to identify items. Covered are copper, silver, gold, nickel and allow coins and notes used in Australia from 1800 to present. Subjects include Pre-Decimal and Decimal currency, as well as privately issued banknotes, war issues, and privately issued tokens. Also included are latest Royal Australian Mint, Perth Mint uAustralia Post Numismatic Covers.


General Information

Coin Terms

Grading Commonwealth coins

Adjectival Grading System

Hands on Grading

Pictorial reference to major grades

Proclamation Coins

United Netherlands – Great Britain – Spain .Colonies – Brazil (Portugal) – East India Company

Holey Dollars and Dumps

1813 NSW Fifteen Pence Dump eFive Shillings Holey Dollar

Bullion Act 1852

1852 Adelaide Assay Office Ingots – Adelaide Pounds

Port Phillip Gold Pattern

Taylor Patterns

Australian Gold Coinage 1855-1931

Half Sovereigns


Major Commonwealth coin types

Crowns and Commemorative issues

Pre-Decimal Coins

A History of Australian Pre-Decimal Coinage

Pre-Decimal Pattern Pieces

Kookaburra Penny rHalfpenny Square Patterns 1919-1921 – 1918-1920 Patterns – 1927 Patterns – 1937 Patterns

Pre Decimal Proofs and Patterns

PreDecimal Varieties

Decimal Coins

One cent – Two Cent – Five Cent – Ten Cent – Twenty Cent – Twenty Cent Non-Circulating Legal Tender – Fifty Cents (Circulation Coins) – Fifty Cents Non Circulating Legal Tender – One Dollar Circulating Coins – One Dollar Non Circulating Legal Tender – Two Dollars – Decimal Varieties – Decimal Patterns – Decimal Errors – Unofficial Patterns

Royal Australian Mint NCLT

Kangaroo at Sunset Silver Dollars – Silver Commemorative Dollars – Five Dollar Commemoratives – Ten Dollar Commemoratives – Various Commemoratives – Kangaroo Gold Proof Series – Fifty Dollars – One Hundred Dollars – One Hundred and Fifty Dollars – Two Hundred Dollars – Various Commemoratives – Masterpieces in Silver – Royal Australian Mint Sets – Commemorative nCirculating Currency Gold Proof Sets – Sydney 2000 Olympic Coin Program

The Perth Mint NCLT

Holey Dollar and Dump Series – Gold Nugget Proof Coins – Prospector Series – Kangaroo Gold Proofs – Kangaroo Platinum Bullion – Platinum Koala Proof Coins – Gold iSilver Koala Collector Coins – Palladium Emu Proof 1995-1997 – Silver Kookaburras – Lunar Series – Discover Australia – The Perth Mint Annual Edition Collector Coins – The Perth Mint Collector Coins – The Perth Mint Collector Coins – Young Collectors Annual Editions – Baby Annual Editions – Privy Marks and Host Coins

Philatelic Numismatic Covers

RAM IAustralia Post PNCs – Perth Mint NAustralia Post PNCs


Private Issue 19th Century Coins

Internment Camps

Cocos Keeling Islands

1788 – 1829 Currency Notes

Cheques, Promissory Notes CIOUs

Bills of Exchange

New South Wales Colonial Police Fund Notes

Private Issue Banknotes

Australia Postal Notes

Superscribed Banknotes 1910-1914

Government Issue Banknotes 1913-

Pre-Decimal Banknotes 1913-1966

Pre-Decimal Glossary – Banknote Condition Grading – Ten Shillings – One Pound – Five Pounds – Ten Pounds – Twenty Pounds – Fifty Pounds – One Hundred Pounds – One Thousand Pounds – Specimen STrial Notes – Unissued BankNotes

Decimal Banknotes

Decimal Glossary – Banknote Signature Identification Chart: – Portrait identification guide-Decimal – One Dollar – Two Dollars – Five Dollars – Ten Dollars – Twenty Dollars – Fifty Dollars – One Hundred Dollars – Decimal Specimen Notes – Plate Identification Letters – Special Serial Numbers – Banknotes Designs – Decimal Banknote Collector Issues – Commemorative Folders – Special N.P.A Collections – Joint Issue Portfolios – Dated Annual Collector Folders – Annually Dated Sets – Last First Portfolios-Two Notes – Miscellaneous Note Printing Australia Issues – Uncut Notes – Printing Faults

This publication is a simpli?ed guide showing current values, at date of publication

General information on each issue is given but not specialised details such as variations Aerrors, including multiple modern packaging variations.

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