Right Side Up: Building Brands In The Age Of The Organised Consumer

Right Side Up: Building Brands In The Age Of The Organised Consumer by Alan Mitchell
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153 x 234mm

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The world of marketing and branding is in the midst of a breathtaking series of transformations. But the new ideas and insights currently causing such a buzz within the marketing fraternity are simply preparing the ground for the even greater transformation looming on the horizon - win-win marketing.

"Old" marketing was part of the most formidable wealth creation system the world has ever seen - mass production, distribution and advertising created win-win benefits for manufacturers, retailers, media owners and consumers alike. But now that system is running out of steam, disintegrating under the pressure of an emerging information age.

"New" marketing can be seen at work in the way Dell do business. Customers specify what they want and Dell deliver it. No fortunes are spent on advertising and promotions, the customer gets a better computer, cheaper and Dell wins business. Tomorrow's superbrands won't be those who simply apply the latest marketing tools, techniques and concepts, they'll be the ones who invent brand new win-win business systems.

With the emphasis on front-line reporting of the leading-edge movers and shakers of marketing, this sophisticated and authoritative account by leading marketing journalist Alan Mitchell is a brilliant analysis of the key drivers shaping the development of successful marketing and branding strategies, and how to turn them to practical advantage. This book amounts to a marketing bible for the information age.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2001
153 x 234mm

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