Rumpole & The Reign Of Terror

Rumpole & The Reign Of Terror by John Mortimer
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Justice isn't blind - it's just a little short sighted and weak around the knees . . .

His wig may be yellowing and his gown might be in tatters, but Rumpole will not give up the good fight - not while there's injustice to battle.

When a distressed Tiffany Timson (of the infamous South London clan of petty criminals) tearfully explains that her husband Dr Khan has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism, Rumpole know that to take this case will mean not just defending one man, but squaring up to every notion of modern British justice.

With She Who Must Be Obeyed mysteriously shutting herself away and fellow-members of his chambers just plan scared, it seems that Rumpole must stand alone against the Establishment. But that is precisely the position any defence barrister worth his salt relishes most . . .
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2007

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