Scotland The Best by Peter Irvine
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195 x 135mm

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Whether you live in Scotland or are visiting, why settle for anything second–rate when you can be guided to so much that is superb? Peter Irvine's personal guide points you towards the best places to stay (whatever your budget), the best beaches, the best ice–cream, the best hill walks, the best bakers, the best spooky places, the best seafood, the best places for kids, the best ceildhs, and so the list goes on.

However well you know Scotland, Peter Irvine will guide you to something excitingly new. Every recommendation has been reassessed to see whether it is still worthy of inclusion, ensuring that the book continues to live up to its name.

Scotland the Best! was first published in 1993. Since then its reputation has grown and it has been widely praised in reviews, won awards from the Tourist industry and, above all, delighted readers from all over the world – not least the Scots themselves.

This new edition will be much more user–friendly, with a brand–new look. Changes to include:

- A sturdy, portable format including additional information clearly spaced
- Much easier to navigate – succinct coding system, transparent cross–referencing between sections and locations and no more irritating abbreviations
- Accessible and clear colour mapping
- Website links for all entries included to help you plan and book online

Quirky, personalized and informed, Peter Irvine's guide gives you what other travel guides only claim to – a true Scot's insider's guide.
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2008
195 x 135mm

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