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    By: Zara Gill

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    'He shouldn't be allowed to hit us. You don't need him. Why don't you tell him to leave?' When Zara's mother leaves her dad in London for Hassan in Manchester, taking her children with her, life for seven-year-old Zara is never the same again. Before long Hassan becomes dangerously violent to the children. An attack on Zara's older brother Sayad triggers schizophrenia, and Hassan then conducts ceremonies on Sayad to rid him of the 'evil jinn'. But there is only one evil person in the house, and he singles Zara to sexually abuse over a period nine years. Zara is too scared and ashamed to tell anyone what's happening to her, but as she grows older she encourages her mum to stop Hassan beating her siblings. Hassan reaction is to teach Zara's mother a lesson. Terrified for her mother's life, Zara intervenes at great risk to herself. It is only when the police arrive that Hassan finally leaves for good. Secret Evil is a moving and inspirational true story of a little girl determined to make life better for her family.

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