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    Seduction in Scarlet

    By: Sara Bennett

    Date Released
    153 x 234mm

    Out of Print

    Portia‚ Lady Ellerslie‚ is the widow of one of Britain's greatest heroes and at the behest of Queen Victoria has put duty to his memory before her own life. Now at 27 years old‚ she's beginning to feel as if a man will never hold her again and often fantasizes about Marcus Worthorne‚ a boy she loved in her youth yet who had no idea she existed.

    With the help of her maid‚ Portia boldly pays a visit to Aphrodite's Club‚ a high end brothel‚ and arranges for an assignation with the stranger of her choice. Just one night with no strings attached‚ and she will remain incognito. Then‚ astonishingly‚ she sees Marcus Worthorne‚ all grown up. They have one night together‚ but Marcus craves more and doesn't understand why this mysterious lady resists him so. But unbeknownst to them‚ more than Portia's reputation is at risk should they continue with their scandalous liaison.
    Publication Date:
    01 / 05 / 2009
    153 x 234mm

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