Self-Defense For Dummies by Damian Ross


Get street-smart. Unleash your inner warrior.

Forget everything you thought you knew about self-defense. Those graceful martial arts moves that are so effective in the movies are likely to get you killed on the street. In fight-or-flight mode, you won’t have the calm thinking and fine motor skills to execute them. You need a simpler approach with a few fundamental moves that are easy to remember and perform yet devastating to an attacker. The solution? Self-Defense For Dummies, your guide to avoiding attacks, neutralizing attackers, and protecting yourself and your loved ones. In this book, you discover a self-defense system that works in the real world, where armed criminals target the most vulnerable and don’t fight fair.

Discover strategies to make yourself a hard target, as opposed to an easy one
Heighten your awareness of your surroundings and potential threats
Sharpen your self-defense instincts and respond proactively to impending danger
Master hand-to-hand combat basics and defend against grabs and holds
Learn how to use weapons and defend against them

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