Six Rules for Brand Revitalization: Learn How Companies Like McDonald's Can Re-Energize Their Brands

Six Rules for Brand Revitalization: Learn How Companies Like McDonald's Can Re-Energize Their Brands by Larry Light & Joan Kiddon
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How McDonald's Marketers Did It...and How You Can, Too

* Reinvigorate any brand: a start-to-finish blueprint from the marketers who resurrected McDonald's!
* Six powerful rules for strengthening your brand's promise, relevance, and value
* Create a 'plan to win,' align your entire organization behind it, and execute!

'Out of date.' 'Too large to be turned around.' 'Hamburger Hell.' In 2002, analysts said McDonald's was a lost cause. They were wrong. In just 12 months, McDonald's executed the fastest, most remarkable marketing and brand turnaround in business history. In Six Rules for Brand Revitalization, McDonald's former CMO reveals exactly how they did it, and introduces a six-step blueprint for revitalizing any brand-including yours. Drawing on McDonald's incredible success, Larry Light shows how you can restore brand relevance, reinvent brand experiences, rebuild brand trust, realize global alignment, and get results-fast!

Are you responsible for reinvigorating your brand to achieve enduring profitable growth? Or for keeping your still-strong brand from fading in relevance and value? This extraordinary book teaches the invaluable lessons of one of the most successful brand revitalization projects in business history: the reinvigoration of McDonald's. Larry Light, the Global Chief Marketing Officer who spearheaded McDonald's breakthrough marketing initiatives, presents a systematic blueprint for resurrecting any brand, and driving it to unprecedented levels of success. Light and co-author Joan Kiddon illuminate their blueprint with specific examples from McDonald's experience, offering detailed 'dos' and 'don'ts' for everything from market segmentation to R&D to executive leadership. You'll discover how to refocus your entire organization around common goals and a common brand promise...restore brand relevance based on a profound knowledge of your customers...and reinvent your total brand experience, leveraging innovation, renovation, marketing, and value. Light and Kiddon reveal how to define and measure progress, rebuild brand trust within and outside the organization, create a 'plan to win,' and execute on it!
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2009

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