Slow Your Clock Down: The Complete Guide To A Healthy, Younger You

Slow Your Clock Down: The Complete Guide To A Healthy, Younger You by Dr Judith Reichman
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237 x 161mm
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The medical correspondent for women's health on the 'Today Show', bestselling author and a regular on Oprah, Dr Judith Reichman explains exactly why we age, how we age, and what we can do to slow down the aging process. Targeted for women in their forties and fifties, this book shows women how to extend the minutes and hours of their bodies' internal and external clocks.

Of course, some of what ages us is inevitable, fated by the genes that guide our cells to replicate or degenerate. As we get older, genetics may be less important than how we live. We can take wonderful genes and run them into the ground through a lifetime of poor health habits or we can take bad genes and make them better.

As a practicing physician in Los Angeles, Dr Reichman has followed and treated many women who, despite advancing years (and in LA, this is defined as anyone over the age of forty), continue to feel young, vital, creative and healthy. She has helped women overcome many of the gynaecological problems related to hormonal changes and age. Dr Reichman's patients have fought and even thwarted heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and cancer.

In her first bestselling book she voiced the Baby Boomer's battle cry I'm Too Young to Get Old. She has continued to do so in her next two books: 'I'm Not In The Mood' and 'Relax, This Won't Hurt'.

In this book, Dr Reichman uses the characteristic, sharp, incisive voice that has made her one of the country's foremost commentators on health issues. She addresses the aging effects of women's hormonal changes, offers a healthy anti-aging diet, exercise and vitamin regimen, and discusses how to stay young mentally, emotionally, and physically, providing women with invaluable, medically based methods to maximise well living and minimize aging.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2004
237 x 161mm

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