Some Kind Of Miracle - Cassette

Some Kind Of Miracle - Cassette by Iris Rainer Dart
Date Released
186 x 107mm

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4 Cassettes, Abridged.

Cousins Dahlia and Sunny Gordon were best friends growing up, bound by a shared love for making music that was as pure, powerful and radiant as the California sunshine. When Dahlia's soulful lyrics combined with Sunny's soaring melodies, magic happened, and they promised they would stick together all the way to the top.

But a darkness was already descending on Sunny, one that would ultimately plunge her into a nightmare of solitude and schizophrenia. And after their lives were torn apart, a quarter of a century would pass before the cousins would meet again.

Selfish motives and greed remarkably lead Dahlia somewhere she never imagined she'd go. For the first time since she was a girl - and perhaps the first time ever - she will have to put someone else's needs before her own, and her life will be unexpectedly transformed in the process.

And sometimes, even when real life reaches its cruellest and lowest ebb, miracles do happen . . .
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2004
186 x 107mm

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