Southern Lady: Gracious Spaces. Creating the Perfect Sanctuary in Every Room

Southern Lady: Gracious Spaces. Creating the Perfect Sanctuary in Every Room by Phyllis Hoffman
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190 x 231mm

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In this follow-up to the lovely SOUTHERN LADY: GRACIOUS TABLES‚ Phyllis Hoffman is back with another beautifully illustrated book‚ SOUTHERN LADY: GRACIOUS SPACES‚ to show readers how to create warm‚ pretty‚ and soothing spaces in the home--both indoors and outdoors. In a tour of gorgeous Southern homes‚ she showcases areas have been turned into sanctuaries‚ treasured spots for escaping from the world and finding solace. Chapters are broken into "spaces‚" to be enjoyed either solo or with friends‚ including:

* Creative spaces (for sewing or quilting; painting; or writing)
* Daydreaming nooks (bedroom‚ living room‚ porches‚ or in the garden)
* Dining Room (Sideboards‚ china cabinets)
* Kitchen spaces (organized‚ pretty counters; vintage kitchenware; breakfast table)
* Gardening spaces (outdoor furnishings‚ potter's shed)

As with GRACIOUS TABLES‚ collectibles aficionado Hoffman focuses in on exquisite items-- fountain pens‚ stationary‚ antique tea sets‚ flowers‚ glassware‚ pillows--that bring elegance to any space. To help instruct the reader in creating her own gracious home‚ Phyllis offers her guidance in crafting inspirational yet functional spaces‚ as well as personal anecdotes‚ narratives‚ 25 recipes‚ decorating hints‚ entertaining tips‚ and more.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2009
190 x 231mm

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