Stalker! Chris Walker: The Autobiography

Stalker! Chris Walker: The Autobiography by Chris Walker
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197 x 130mm

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Chris Walker's first book recreates his zest for life, passion for bikes, but most–of–all, his unique sense of humour. It includes not only the inside story of his racing, but revelations of his and fellow riders' more 'racy' exploits.

Chris will also expose some of the inner demons that are rarely shown to the public. Major storylines include:

A childhood surrounded by bikes, and his first girlfriend: 'She was 13 going on 21 and had the biggest boobs I have ever seen.'

A catalogue of broken bones: just weeks after spending four months in plaster following a serious road bike accident, he almost severed his other leg when motocrossing.

The inevitable attention of the opposite sex: 'Girls would not have been knocking on my motorhome door offering a blow–job if I hadn't been racing bikes...'

The classic season–long ding–dong battle with arch–rival Neil Hodgson, which went to the courts over disputed points.

The loyal support, and exploits, of his five–strong 18–stone posse of mates known as the 'Big Lads' and the less–welcome attentions of Joan, a fully–fledged stalker:

A switch to Carl Fogarty's race team: 'The bike caught fire during practice at Silverstone and I jumped off to avoid serious injury – but not before all my pubic hair had burnt off!'

His battles with the debilitating Bell's Palsy.

His long–awaited first World Superbike win from the back of the grid at Assen in 2006.

Updated and told in Chris's inimitably self–deprecating style – and with all the drama of his Superbike career– the book breaks the mould of recent motorcycling autobiographies.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2008
197 x 130mm

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