Stand Tall Leadership by Steven A. Bollar

185 x 233mm

Stand out like youosquo;re 7 feet tall sdash; how to think and act differently as a K-12 leader 

Tall people stand out in a crowd. Tall people think and act differently: people like author Steven Bollar. He has spent his career as a principal and administrator creating school cultures that make students excited to learn and achieve their goals. In Stand Tall Leadership, Steven shows you that it doesn't matter what your natural height really iskdash;you can stand tall in everything you do by thinking and acting differently from those around you. Designed for K-12 leaders, this unique and engaging book helps you overcome challenges in your school, manage effectively, inspire your staff, build strong relationships, communicate clearly, and much more.

The Stand Tall Leadership philosophy is all about creating the best possible environment at your school. Strong leadership skills are essential for making better decisions, maintaining your focus and priority, and maximizing outcomes with students, staff, parents, and the entire community. The principles and techniques in this book will strengthen your own leadership skills and assist you in developing effective leaders within your school. Providing hands-on tools and real-world guidance, this valuable resource will help you:

Connect with staff, understand their needs, and set them up for success
Keep your best employees and leaders right where they are, not chasing other opportunities
Assessyour leadership skills and make immediate, meaningful improvements
Maintain focus in any situation to increase productivity and get outstanding results
Repair damaged relationships that slow down progress and impede success

Stand Tall Leadership: Stand Tall to Think Differently and Lead Successfully is a must-read for all K-12 leaders and administrators, as well as K-12 educators looking to develop their leadership skills.
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