Stop Kissing Frogs: How to Avoid Mr Wrong and Find Mr Right

Stop Kissing Frogs: How to Avoid Mr Wrong and Find Mr Right by Madeleine Lowe
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Every single girl's guide to finding and keeping their very own Prince Charming and having the happily-ever-after they've always dreamed of.

- A frank and honest look at the real-world of grown-up relationships.
- Does not shy away from posing the difficult questions and encouraging honest answers.
- Shines a realistic light on the eternal search for Mr. Right.
- Will appeal to women of all ages from late teens to late fifties.
- Includes the ten types of man a girl should avoid; the five worst mistakes a woman can make; the ten character traits to look for in a potential suitor.

Why is it that so many bright, attractive, clever, and sensible women seem to fall for toads? They spend years searching, dating, cohabitating, and marrying jsut to find themselves right back at square one, heartbroken, despondent, and vowing 'never again.' Truth be told there's actually thousands upon thousands of lovely, gorgeous, unattached, and eligible men out there. And many of them are just waiting for someone like you. But if that really is the case, why can't you ever seem to catch one? This book will tell you. This is a real-life, no-nonsense guide for any single girl who's tired of kissing frogs in their search for Mr. Right, weary of making the same old mistakes over and over again and who wants to learn the truth about what works and what doesn't in her search for her own happy ending. Packed with helpful insights and advice on what you need to know about yourself, what you need to know about men, and what you need to know about love to stand a chance of finding a real and lasting relationship, is all covered. This warm, funny, and touching book scratches beneath the typical trashy veneer, revealing a frank, honest, and real-world insight into the world of grown-up relationships.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2010

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