Straight Ties by Rob Byrnes
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From award-winning author Rob Byrnes comes a wickedly entertaining caper involving red-hot men, cold hard cash, and deliciously dirty deeds . . .

Two Partners In Crime
Grant and Chase are a fun-loving pair of small-time hustlers with no money, little patience, and lots of get-rich-quick schemes. If only they could pull off the perfect crime—'The Big One,' as Grant calls it—Chase could finally quit his job at the supermarket and the two could retire in style.

One Star In The Closet
Romeo Romero is the world's hottest openly gay celebrity. He's got the face, the abs, the fame, the fortune—and the sex video that could destroy his career. If this naughty little tape should fall into the wrong hands, Romeo's adoring fans would be in for one big surprise: He's straight.

No Lie
When Grant and Chase hear about the video (thanks to a notorious Hamptons' gossip), it's a no-brainer. All they have to do is steal the tape, blackmail the star, and collect the cash. But then, when they stupidly leave the video in a New York cab, the would-be crooks have to wheel and deal with a sleazy tabloid editor, a lesbian real estate agent, a kinky Internet stalker, and an alluring boy toy to finally get to the truth . . . behind not-so-straight lies.

Praise for Rob Byrnes and When The Stars Come Out . . .

'Clever dialogue and an astute rendering of the prices people pay to keep secrets buried add crossover appeal.' -Publishers Weekly

'Byrnes turns out another deftly written and enticingly complex gay romance.' -Booklist
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2009

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