Strategic Risk Taking: A Framework for Risk Management

Strategic Risk Taking: A Framework for Risk Management by Aswath Damodaran
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Groundbreaking book that redefines risk in business as potentially powerful strategically to help increase profits.

- Get out of the 'defensive crouch': learn which risks to avoid, which to mitigate, and which to actively exploit.
- Master risk management techniques that can drive competitive advantage, increase firm value, and enhance growth and profitability.
- By Dr. Aswath Damodaran, one of the field's top 'gurus' -- known worldwide for his classic guides to corporate finance and valuation.

In finance and investing, risk has traditionally been viewed negatively: investors and companies can lose money due to risk, and therefore we typically penalize companies for taking risks. Most books on enterprise risk management focus strictly on hedging or mitigating risk. But the enterprise's relationship with risk should be far more nuanced. Great companies become great because they seek out and exploit intelligent risks, not because they avoid all risk. Aswath Damodaran's Strategic Risk Taking is the first book to take this broader view, encompassing both risk hedging at one end of the spectrum and strategic risk taking on the other. Damodaran helps readers separate good risk (opportunities) from bad risk (threats), showing how to take advantage of the former while protecting against the latter. He introduces powerful financial tools for evaluating risk, and shows how to draw on other disciplines to make these tools even more effective.
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2010

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