Taken by Desire

Taken by Desire by Lavinia Kent
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171 x 106mm

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Anna Steele is not normally impulsive. As a woman of independent means and no husband, she must take care never to find herself in a compromising situation or her manipulative cousins will have her declared unfit and sieze control of her estate and her vast fortune.
Alexander Struthers, recently returned from India, has no desire to tie himself down. Women are manipulative creatures and he has no use for them other than for a couple of nights of pleasure. As a rich man, he's never sure which women are in it just for his money and which truly care for him.
But one moment of altruism may ruin a lifetime of Anna's careful planning. In order to save her cousin from a scandal, a nightgown-clad Anna throws herself into Struthers's arm and winds up engaged to the infuriating man before she realizes it.
As the two struggle to come to terms with their forced marriage, they must also fight the burning attraction that threatens to consume them and all of their best intentions.
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2011
171 x 106mm

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