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    Telling Lies For God

    By: Ian Plimer

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    A powerful and controversial analysis of creationism - the belief that the Biblical description of the earth, and all life on it, can be applied literally - and an attack on the arguments put forward in its support. Ian Plimer, Professor of Geology at the University of Melbourne, examines in detail the arguments of the creationists, and draws on his own scientific background and the expertise of many of his academic peers to refute them point by point.

    He details the implications of treating the Old Testament as a scientific text - and takes an equally searching look at the material used to back up the more unusual statements made by some creationists here and overseas.

    This is an issue which arouses great argument and passion amongst many Australians. We are all entitled to our beliefs - but in a pluralist society we should also expect them to be subject to public scrutiny.

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