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    The A - Z Guide To Good Mental Health: You Don't Have To Be Famous To Have Manic Depression

    By: Jeremy Thomas & Tony Hughes

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    It's time to throw out all those old hang-ups about mental illness. Every other family in the land is or has been affected by depression and it's time to realise that good mental health is as important as physical.

    This entertaining and informative book will debunk the jargon, shake off the taboos and give fascinating insight into a complex subject. At its heart are the two authors, because Jeremy was diagnosed years ago with manic depression and Tony is his doctor. The first part of the book is a wonderfully winding dialogue between them, similar to John Cleese and his therapist in 'Families and How to Survive Them'. The second part is in the style of a Rough Guide, a one-stop resources shop. Jeremy and Tony are honest, knowledgeable, funny and poignant as they explore the thin line between sanity and mental illness. And ultimately, they hope the book may simply help a few people in the same boat.

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