The Agile Enterprise by Lewis Pinault
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Lewis Pinault experienced an interesting phenomenon after the publication of "Consulting Demons" - instead of shunning him, consultants of every stripe were eager to echo his experiences, and wanted him to test and assess consulting techniques being developed in light of the new economic regime.

In this environment, Pinault discovered how consultants were changing to keep up with the leaner economy, and his role as a consultant to consultants led to an invitation to join EDS as its VP of Consumer Industries and Retail. Against this background, Pinault developed a new management paradigm - termed "Agility Management" - aimed at simplification and allowing order to emerge from chaos in the new business environment.

Companies of every size and stripe are burdened with complex structures, systems and inconsistent procedures aimed at imposing order. These systems only lead to inefficiency, waste and chaos, resulting in lumbering corporations. But today, agility is a paramount prerequisite for success.

Pinault presents a blueprint for breaking down corporate rules and restrictions to build an agile enterprise that will thrive - not just survive - in this competitive economy. Based on the idea that order spontaneously arises from chaos when a consistent set of Working Principles is applied, Pinault's 'The Agile Enterprise' uses extensive illustrations drawn from consulting clients as diverse as P&G, Nestle, Unilever, A C Nielsen, MIT and Lego, to show readers how to develop, customise and apply these Working Principles for their individual businesses.

Written in Pinault's highly accessible and readable tone, this book shows how companies can, by turning to ideas instead of rules, and harnessing changes organic to their culture, become agile competitors in today's economy.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2004
236 x 159mm

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