The Art Of Innovation by Thomas Kelley
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153 x 234mm
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Success Through Innovation the IDEO Way.

This is an inspiring guide to managing creativity in a business environment from the co-founder of one of the most innovative design companies in the world. Discover the ten commandments of creativity, and much more . . .

Founded by Thomas Kelley and his brother David (dubbed by 'Fortune' the best inventor since Thomas Edison), IDEO is responsible for the first commercial mouse, a virtual reality headset for Sega and the handheld Audible Mobile Player - a new device that downloads recorded books from the Internet. The company was recently challenged by US TV programme 'Nightline' to redesign a traditional shopping trolley in just four days in front of the camera. They took up the challenge with alacrity and produced a radically new design incorporating six small portable baskets fitted into the frame, an improved child's seat with play area, and back wheels that turn at 90 degrees so you can move your trolley sideways.

IDEO has a committed attitude to finding solutions through total immersion in the problem at hand. This book explores their unique corporate culture which encourages original and creative ideas to develop. IDEO is structured around small design studios, which are seen as "villages", each with their own identity. But all of their office furniture is on wheels which provides fluidity as individuals move between project wherever their expertise is needed.

IDEO's methods are based on revolutionary principles of team creativity, including:
- The best asset you have is your own brain
- The first step in building a fresh and creative corporate culture is the willingness to change
- Collaboration - not isolation - is the key to unleashing creativity
- Successful brainstorming sessions are based on focused chaos

Increased creativity leads to increased profits in the business world of today, and this book demonstrates how to boost morale, productivity and customer satisfaction - and enjoy yourself in the process.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2001
153 x 234mm

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