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    The Best Of British Comedy - Dads Army

    By: Richard Webber

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    People shout the "Don't tell him‚ Pike!" line at me regularly - and I didn't even say it!' Philip Madoc.

    Dad's Army is one of the crown jewels of British comedy. Its popularity transcends the generations‚ the humour remains accessible and just as fresh today as when it was first screened.

    With the 40th anniversary of Dad's Army in 2008‚ what better time to celebrate the magic of this show.

    The Best of British Comedy - Dad's Army includes:

    The History: an overview of how Dad's Army was born and developed

    Gags and Catchphrases: a collection of classic quotes from the programme

    Did You Know?: snippets of info about the show‚ cast‚ etc.

    Favourite scenes: the most memorable scenes in full

    Episode: 'Something Nasty in the Vault'

    Mainwaring and Wilson are stuck in the bank's strong room. There has been an air raid and they've ended up holding an unexploded bomb. Pike arrives.

    Pike: Uncle Arthur?

    Wilson: Oh‚ what it is‚ Frank?

    Pike: Do you think I ought to phone mum and tell her you're holding a bomb?

    Wilson: No!

    Pike: But she might get cross if she found out that you'd been holding a bomb and she wasn't told about it.

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