The Big Book Of Tai Chi by Bruce Frantzis
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187 x 235mm

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Build Health Fast in Slow Motion.

Bruce Frantzis spent over 40 years studying internal martial arts and is the first Westerner to be recognised as a Master of Tai Chi in China. Now he shares his unique knowledge of this powerful energy art and how it works on the health of the body and mind.

Tai Chi was originally developed as an effective martial art, but now people all over the world are turning to this Chinese energy system to help them cope with stress, boost immunity, lower blood pressure and enjoy long-lasting health. This book provides inspiration and practical information about using Tai Chi for health in a way that is fully accessible to Western readers, yet true to its Eastern origins.

The book illustrates and clearly describes Tai Chi moves from the four major styles, explaining the particular benefits of these movements and in what way they encourage the flow of chi energy around the body. Step-by-step pictures illustrate the different postures and exercises in the four major styles.

The book shows you how to use Tai Chi to:
- Prevent disease, lower blood pressure and alleviate stress
- Stabilise your moods and gain greater clarity of thought
- Develop physical strength, flexibility and balance
- Improve sexual performance
- Benefit from Tai Chi's powerful age-defying qualities
- Find deep relaxation, inner calm, and unity of body and mind

Tai Chi is low impact so can be practised by the young, strong and fit as well as older, infirm or overweight readers.
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 2004
187 x 235mm

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