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    By: Robert Jones

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    Today's marketplace is a war of ideas. Unless you stand for something you won't stand out.

    Nowadays anyone can copy your product, or even your business model. What they can't copy is your worldview, your attitude, your special way of doing things. So in the future, the war in the marketplace will be a war of ideas. 'The Big Idea' maps this new territory and shows how big ideas make great companies. Unlike business models, product ideas or the catchphrases of management gurus, a big idea is emotional. And unlike corporate ideologies, vision or brand, it is shared between customers and employees alike.

    In 'The Big Idea' Robert Jones, director with brand consulting firm Wolff Olins, uses real-life examples to demonstrate how big ideas can and will transform the business world. He has analysed 50 of the world's biggest ideas, and talked to the people behind them. Drawing on their experience, he shows how to find, communicate and manage your own big idea.

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