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    By: Malcolm Macpherson

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    Cockpit Voice Recorder Accounts Of In-Flight Accidents

    During a difficult, turbulent flight, everyone's darkest fears surface. The imagination runs wild with the catastrophic possibilities that travelling higher and faster than any other form of transport can conjure. Sometimes those fears become reality.

    When a plane gets into trouble there is incalculable, helpless horror. The results are often fatal, but sometimes disaster can be averted through the skills of the pilot or extraordinary good fortune. Every incident is recorded by the plane's Cockpit Voice Recorder - the Black Box - that records the conversations of the captain and the crew.

    This book looks at disasters and near-misses, transcribed blow by blow, from the cockpit and passenger cabin perspectives. Some of the incidents are famous, like the 1996 Valujet crash in the Everglades and the ill-fated launch of the space shuttle "Challenger"; others range from commuter aircraft to jumbo airliner incidents.

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