The Cardless Tarot by Kerry Ward

Kerry Ward
155 x 215mm

Many people are curious about tarot but feel overwhelmed by learning the meanings of 78 cards. In this cutting-edge book, tarot expert Kerry Ward deciphers nine key cards from the major arcana, to give you 45 of the most insightful readings possible.
Each of the nine tarot 'cards' in the book features a guide card that tackles a certain theme. For instance, the Hermit can be used to get to grips with self-enlightenment. The Hermit sits in a cave, which is illuminated by a glowing lantern revealing glittering obsidian crystal-hewed walls, a dark, deep pool at the back of the cave which echoes with running water trickling down somewhere deeper into the mountain. The Hermit’s cloak and staff lie at his feet. Once you have read the text and studied the card, the aim is that you pick an object featured on the card illustration that best chimes with you, then turn to the page featuring the object for a deeper reading. On the Hermit card, is it the cloak, or perhaps the deep pool? Or maybe the glowing lantern that has caught your eye? 
The book is an excellent tool for personal guidance and self-development, and is the perfect introduction to tarot for anyone who is curious to learn more.
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