The Clockwork Girl

The Clockwork Girl by Kevin Hanna & Sean O'Reilly
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259 x 168mm

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In a dark castle in a land far, far away, the Clockwork Girl was created by the mechanical genius of a mad scientist to win a prize at the town fair. Against all odds, she finds love and companionship in Huxley, the amazing mutant circus boy. Together, despite the threats of their warring families, they tackle questions like what man can feel that a machine or mutant can't, what loneliness is, and what love is.

CLOCKWORK GIRL was originally released in a series of five illustrated stories through Arcana, Canada's largest comic book company, and quickly sold more than 340,000 copies around the world. These short stories are long out of print, but the full story of THE CLOCKWORK GIRL is told in our beautifully illustrated graphic novel version where it is giving a fantastic new design, an exciting introduction from the authors revealing how they made their childhood fantasy of creating a graphic novel and a feature film adaptation come true, and a gallery section filled with playful, full-page pin-ups of the characters like you've never seen them before.

The 3-D luximation animation film version of THE CLOCKWORK GIRL will release in October 2011 in the US (Australian date to be confirmed). It has a guaranteed $2 million print and advertising budget from CJ Entertainment (an affiliate of DreamWorks and Paramount Pictures), and a "dream team" of young actors voicing the characters, such as Carrie Ann Moss (Matrix), Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development), Alexa Vega (Spy Kids), Jesse McCartney (Horton Hears a Who) and Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond). A teaser sneak peek is available online at
Publication Date:
02 / 01 / 2012
259 x 168mm

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