The Complete Guide To No-Dig Gardening

The Complete Guide To No-Dig Gardening by Charlie Nardozzi

170 x 246mm

A lush, productive vegetable, herb, and flower garden doesn't have to require endless hours of time and unlimited energy. No-dig gardening methods let you keep the rototiller in the shed and focus on what you like best-planting and harvesting!

With the step-by-step instructions in The Complete Guide to No-Dig Gardening, you'll discover how to build healthy, easy-to-plant garden soil by adding layers of organic matter using one of several different no-dig techniques. Whether you garden in a small, urban backyard or on several acres in the country, this simple approach lets you grow more food and blooms than ever before, and leave the gas-guzzling tiller behind forever. Plus, when you don't disturb the soil, weed seeds stay buried deep where they cant germinate and carbon is kept sequestered in the ground. No-dig gardening techniques also lead to reduced watering needs and a healthy population of beneficial soil microbes that help feed your plants by breaking down organic matter and releasing nutrients. In addition to extolling the endless benefits of no-dig growing, author and veggie-growing expert Charlie Nardozzi hands you the tools you need to:

• Create a new no-dig garden from scratch
• Transition an existing garden to the no-dig method
• Build the most productive, nutrient-rich soil possible
• Recycle yard waste by building a Hugelkultur planting mound
• Discover more about some great variations of no-dig gardening, including raised beds and containers
• Bring your no-dig garden indoors for a continuous harvest

Welcome oodles of fresh, homegrown veggies, herbs, and flowers into your life-with no back-breaking work required!

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