The Complete Idiot's Guide To College Survival

The Complete Idiot's Guide To College Survival by Laurie Rozakis
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189 x 232mm

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Part of the 'Complete Idiot's Guide' series.

You'd think getting into college was the hard part - years of studying for great grades, taking SATs, filling out the applications, waiting in agony for the acceptance letters. You ought to be able to just slide right into the college scene after all that work! Someone should have told you that was just the beginning . . .

This book begins where those how-to-get-into-college guides leave off, from packing your gear and arriving on campus for the start of freshman year to graduation. Filled with crucial information on making the grade, dealing with roommates and dates, acing life skills - laundry, ugh! - finding time for work and play, and more, this is the bible for college life.

Coverage includes:
- How much stuff is too much in a dorm room?
- I got closed out of the classes I wanted - could I register for two sections of Psych 101?
- Balancing academics, sports, and time to unwind - the impossible dream?
- Effective writing isn't just for English class -what's the best way to organise a term paper?
- The ins and outs of meal and health plans when Mom's home cooking and the family doc are far away
- The Freshman 15 and the Sophomore Slump - tips for avoiding both!
- College transfers, internships, study abroad - are they for you?

So college isn't as easy as you thought - with 'The Complete Idiot's Guide To College Survival' you'll make it through!
Publication Date:
07 / 05 / 2001
189 x 232mm

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