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    The Complete Idiot's Guide To Numerology

    By: Kay Lagerquist & Lisa Lenard

    Date Released

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    Part of the 'Complete Idiot's Guide' series.

    You've heard that important events happen in 3s, 7 is a lucky number, and even the least superstitious among us would think twice about living on the 13th floor of a building. 'The Complete Idiot's Guide To Numerology' shows you how to use numbers to glimpse into the future.

    You get:
    - Simple instructions for exploring your future using numbers such as your birth date, birth name, and address.
    - Fascinating insights on how numbers can work for you - or against you.
    - Expert guidance on how to determine the best times and places to make important decisions.
    - Step-by-step guidance for finding your career path.
    - Special tips for knowing if your lover has your number.

    Discover quick and easy ways to:
    - Learn what your address reveals about you and your home.
    - Unravel the meaning of numbers 1-9.
    - Understand the significance of master numbers 11, 22, and 33.
    - Unlock your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, Soul Number, Personality Number, and Maturity Number.
    - Calculate your "life cycles".
    - Determine your Personal Year and Personal Month to help you make smart decisions.
    - Gain invaluable insights into your family, co-workers, friends, and lovers.
    - Design a personal numerology chart.

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