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    The Complete Idiot's Guide To The Life Of Christ

    By: Pastor Bill Grimbol

    Date Released

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    Part of the 'Complete Idiot's Guide' series.

    Of course, Christians believe the Messiah has lived, died, and been resurrected - however, Christian or not, what do we really know about the life and times of the man known as Jesus Christ? This book delves into the world of this man so many people believe to have been the actual Messiah.

    In the book, you will find:
    - A look at who Jesus was - what was life like in the world in which he grew up?
    - What brought him to leave the life of a carpenter and become a preacher for Christianity? What were his teachings?
    - A look at the miracles of Christ and all he accomplished in his very short but impacting life
    - In-depth coverage of Christ's parables
    - Full coverage on the apostles and Christ's relationship to each of them
    - Why Jesus was such a threat to the Establishment
    - Information on the Shroud of Turin and how it was proven to be a hoax - and why some people aren't buying these results
    - A foreword by one of the most famous Christian figures of the 20th century, Bishop Desmond Tutu

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