The Decoded Company: Know Your People Better than You Know Your Customers

The Decoded Company: Know Your People Better than You Know Your Customers by Leerom Segal

01 / 05 / 2014
155 x 235mm

How technology can be your coach, eliminate blind spots, and inspire awesome teams.

Let us ask you a deceptively simple question: What if you understood your people better than you understand your customers? What if we learned to decode the real story that is embedded in the data trail that follows our people and every project they work on? What if we put its messages to use—not to get the better of our talent but to get the best from them, to make their jobs better, and to improve the performance of the whole organization?

The answers, it turns out, are radically transformative.

Based in part on our experience building Klick into a $100m business, and on case studies from a wide range of industries, we argue that the new key to a sustainable competitive advantage is to become a Decoded Company: talent-centric, data-driven, flexible, and fast. We'll show you how any manager in any size of organization can personalize each employee's experience, increase emotional engagement, speed up mastery of new skills, and maximize their entire team's potential.

You'll learn about three disruptive Decoded principles that will accelerate your management practice into the 21st century:

- Technology as a coach and trainer: Transform your existing technology into a coach that brings out the best in your people rather than a referee that just yells 'offside!'. Discover how the technologies that power Amazon, Netflix, Google, and eHarmony can be used to engage, motivate, and train your people.
- Data as a Sixth Sense: Learn how UPS, 37signals, Bank of America, and Whole Foods give their people decision-making superpowers by pairing instincts with analytics to gain a perspective that's grounded in data but tempered by experience.
- Engineered ecosystems: Discover the simple culture secrets that brought feedback to, poured the heart into Starbucks's rebirth, and drive Valve's incredible $3 billion in revenue.

Along the way you'll assess your Decoded Score, assemble your Decoded toolbox that can be easily applied in your organization, and explore new metrics for measuring the technology of human accomplishment.
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