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    By: David Zindell

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    A powerful new epic fantasy series as rich as Tolkien and as magical as the Arthurian myths.

    On the island continent of Ea it is late in the Age of the Dragon. It is a dark time of chaos, war, and the dashed dreams of long-lost ages. Once again Morjin, the fallen angel, is seeking the Lightstone. With it he will eventually find a way to free Angra Mainyu, the Lord of Lies, the dark archangel imprisoned for a million years.

    But strangely, it is also a time of light as the earth and sun once again enter the Golden Band. A champion has been born who will seek the Lightstone so that the prophecy of a new and glorious age can be fulfilled. His name is Valashu Elahad, and he is destined to become King. Blessed (or cursed?) with an empathy for all living things, he will lead his people into the lands of Morjin, into the heart of darkness, wielding a magical sword called Alkaladur.

    But Morjin is not to be vanquished so easily. Greatness of soul is needed in order even to perceive the Lightstone, and this Valashu must achieve before the final battle can begin . . .

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