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    By: Mitchell Graham

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    Fast-paced and exciting, 'The Emerald Cavern' continues the epic tale of Mathew Lewin, a young man who is chosen for a remarkable destiny, in the second book from Mitchell Graham.

    After claiming a strange rose-gold ring, Mathew Levin's life changed forever. After a tragic loss and a desperate flight, he managed to harness the ring's strange powers to keep the evil warlord Karas Duren from conquering Elgaria. Now, nine months later, Mat has fled to the neighbouring kingdom of Gawl. With the aid of the beautiful Lara and the enigmatic Father Thomas, he tries to figure out the secret of the powerful ring. But Mat is not the only one with access to one of the powerful rings, and someone is stalking him.

    As political ambitions inspire treason and a series of strange murders unsettle the kingdom, Mat must discover who is behind the insidious plot before civil war destroys the land. And meanwhile, rumours arise of a mystical saint, guarded by a mythical beast in a secret cavern. A saint who whispers of heresy and an ancient evil that has returned . . . in the form of young Mathew Lewin.

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