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    The Essential Difference

    By: Simon Baron-Cohen

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    Forget Mars and Venus and Discover the Truth About the Opposite Sex.

    Men and women: what really makes us different? Why do women love to chat while men prefer games, gadgets and alphabetising their CDs? Why can a woman tell when you're lying? And what is it about men and lists . . . ? We all know the opposite sex can be a baffling species, but we've never had the facts to tell us why - until now.

    Here leading psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen reveals:
    - Male and female minds are different
    - Why female brains are better at empathising
    - How male brains are designed to analyse "systems" (from maps to music)
    - The groundbreaking theory that autism is a form of the extreme male brain
    - And, how to test yourself and find out what kind of brain you have

    Forget Mars and Venus . . . and discover the truth.

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