The Golden Age of Botanical Art

The Golden Age of Botanical Art by Martyn Rix
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245 x 283mm

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Art work from some of the most renowned international botanical artists.

From some of the earliest attempts at art to the plant hunters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the images produced in the study of plants have held a fascination for all those who love nature. The Golden Age of Botanical Art brings together the stories of the brave and intrepid explorers (some of whom became botanical artists by default) and the many professional artists who recorded for posterity the flora that they discovered on their travels and expeditions.

Truly global in its scope, this beautifully illustrated book moves across centuries and continents looking at the artistry of China and India, delving into the sketchbooks of explorers in the Himalayas and following the voyages of those who discovered new worlds and new species as far apart as Russia and South America. Alongside special features on key figures in the botanical art world, the book highlights the work of some of the great names of botanical art, including Ehret and Bauer, and the great collections such as that of Mutis at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Madrid.

The Golden Age of Botanical Art includes a host of rarely and previously unpublished images, and shows how what might have been a pastime for some also made a significant contribution to our understanding of the world and the glories of nature.
Publication Date:
03 / 12 / 2012
245 x 283mm

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