The Happy Little Book of Labs: A Visual Appreciation

The Happy Little Book of Labs: A Visual Appreciation by Kay Schuckhart
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165 x 165mm
Out Of Print

Other Titles by Kay Schuckhart

With their great design, engaging blend of diverse, unusual imagery, and wit, the books are designed to appeal to dog lovers of all ages and will be irresistible to those who are passionate about a specific breed. As part of a branded series, each book will contain consistent design elements and editorial features throughout, but offer a dynamic, colorful layout that is unique to the breed.

To be included in this branded series, the breed has to be ranked as highly popular by the American Kennel Club or have a successful publishing track.

The content is a mix of factual and historical information; pop culture trivia such as celebrity or royal owners, anecdotes, news items, and facts; the breed in film, TV, and theater; great quotes from literature and famous personalities; the breed's name in numerous languages, and so on. The art will be culled from the author's personal collection that she has amassed especially for this book: vintage print advertising and promotional pieces, postcards, playing cards, cigarette cards, photographs, and more.
This is a great impulse buy for dog lovers, graphic designers, and pop culture aficionados.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2008
165 x 165mm

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