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    By: Seyyed Hossein Nasr

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    The world's leading Islamicist and foremost Muslim expert on the West offers at timely expression of the core spiritual and social values of Islam, showing their complementarity to Jewish and Christian values, as well as their positive contribution to a peaceful and humane global future.

    As the spectre of religious extremism has become a fact of life today, the temptation is great to allow the evil actions and perspectives of a minority to stand for the values of an entire tradition. In the case of Islam, there has been much recent confusion in the Western world centred on distorted portrayals of its core values. Born of ignorance, such confusion feeds the very problem at hand.

    What is needed is a clear exposition of the true values of Islam by someone steeped in the peaceful and humane centre of the tradition, who is also fluent in the ways of the West.

    In this book, Seyyed Hossein Nasr offers a timely presentation of the core spiritual and social values of Islam, such as peace, compassion, social justice, tolerance, and the like.

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