The Herbal Detox Plan by Xandria Williams
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134 x 212mm

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The Revolutionary Way to Cleanse and Revive Your Body.

A two-week herbal cleansing and revitalising programme which will improve your energy levels and motivation and help you lose weight.

Toxins are a part of everyday life and can be ingested with foods, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. This book shows how herbs can be used gently to improve the body's natural methods of eliminating toxins, thus minimising the damage they cause.

Health problems which will respond to a herbal detox programme include:
- Excess weight
- Poor skin tone and premature aging of the skin
- Mental fogginess, poor memory, and lack of energy
- Headaches
- Indigestion, heartburn; liver and gall bladder problems

It may also improve or help to overcome eczema; colds and flu; cystitis and thrush.

The diet includes recipes for herbal teas and cold drinks, and shows how to add culinary herbs and foods with a high herbal content to your food. There is also a section on herbs from the garden, supermarket of health food shops, and specialist herbal suppliers.
Publication Date:
03 / 03 / 2003
134 x 212mm

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