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    The In Vision Guide To A Healthy Heart

    By: Alexander Tsiaras

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    A ground breaking new way to look at your heart health from the creator of 'From Conception To Birth', the bestselling book and Discovery Channel special

    Using a ground breaking visual technology, Tsiaras is able to transform the scientific images we are used to seeing - CAT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, etc. - into stunning images that are not just reflections of the surface of the body part, but vivid, dimensional renderings. 'The InVision Guide To A Healthy Heart' uses the images generated by this cutting-edge technology in a visually-driven health book that will educate and empower anyone worried about their own or a loved one's heart health.

    In stunning visual narrative, we see the heart in all its miraculous function, view what can go wrong, and learn options for achieving cardiovascular health.

    The book reveals:
    - The development of the cardiovascular system from conception to birth
    - The marvel of the adult cardiovascular system and how it works
    - How hypertension and other risk factors insidiously damage this beautiful, powerful system
    - Surgical, medical, and lifestyle strategies for cardiovascular health
    - By showing the astonishing beauty of the heart in action, this inspiring book makes the urgency of maintaining heart health real and relevant as never before.

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