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    By: Xavier Maniguet

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    The definitive study of shark biology, behaviour and attack, containing graphic photographs of human injuries caused by sharks.

    Sharks were once revered as man's guardian at sea. Now they are more often the stuff of nightmares and films. This extraordinary book documents the truth about sharks and - through real and graphically illustrated case histories - about shark attacks on people. Yet Xavier Maniquet still believes that "it is for man to adapt himself to the shark, and not the reverse."

    Biggest of all fish and the best equipped for hunting, sharks are found in every ocean and threatened by no natural predator except the killer whale. Built like torpedoes, they have eight fantastically developed senses and their powerful jaws and teeth are unrivalled in the animal kingdom.

    The shark has an impressive ability to stay alive: shot, harpooned, ripped open, they are still capable of thrashing about and tearing apart their victims. And they have existed unchanged for 350 million years.

    The book is illustrated throughout with diagrams, line drawings and photographs and packed with fascinating facts (e.g. sharks can go for six weeks without eating).

    Warning: This book contains disturbing photographs.

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