The Jesus Dynasty

The Jesus Dynasty by James D Tabor
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153 x 234mm

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Stunning New Evidence About The Hidden History Of Jesus.

If you thought Dan Brown's fiction was gripping, try the truth. This mesmerizing book reveals the real story of Jesus and the dynasty he tried to establish. Based on solid academic research, yet told in an engaging Indiana-Jones-style narrative, Tabor takes readers on a startling, fast-paced journey that will change the face of Christianity forever.

Based on hand-on archaeological experience and extensive academic research, Tabor takes readers on an action-packed scholarly adventure in his gripping and controversial book. He proves - in his Indiana-Jones-style narrative - that whilst Jesus' maverick follower Paul was distorting his teachings into what we know as Christianity today, Jesus' true followers were pursuing a very different agenda.

Tabor's revelations are startling and substantiated, beginning with his accidental discovery on a dig in Israel of what many now think was Jesus' family tomb. Was Jesus far more human than the Church has led us to believe? Did Jesus entrust his teachings to someone or to some persons much closer to him? What was Jesus really trying to achieve in his lifetime? Was his royal bloodline meant to free mankind or just a chosen few? And why did dissident follower Paul have a more lasting effect on Christianity than Jesus himself?

Bestselling mystery writer of the "Tempe Brennan" series, Kathy Reichs, was inspired by James Tabor's findings to write her latest novel, "Cross Bones". The truth, however, is far more gripping than fiction - either hers or Dan Brown's.
Publication Date:
28 / 06 / 2006
153 x 234mm

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