The Mammals Of Australia by Ronald Strahan
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195 x 275mm
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Revised Edition.

This historic publication provides an account of every species of native mammal known to have existed in Australia since European settlement and every introduced species now living in a wild state.

The result of many years of intensive research, it is a magnificent photographic record, structured into an authoritative, accessible form by editor Ronald Strahan. The book includes text by more than 150 authors, all acknowledged experts who have worked in the field with the species they describe.

Written in a style readily understood by the general reader, the book surveys the rich and varied world of Australia's mammals, from the well-known platypus, koala and kangaroo species; to the lesser-known pygmy-possums, bats and carnivorous marsupials; the seals and sea-lions; and introduced mammals such as the rabbit, camel and deer.

Each species account summarises behaviour and habitat, diet, reproduction and growth, and factors that lead to death; in short, everything that is known of an animal's current biology and survival status. Detailed statistical information is provided alongside the fascinating and peculiar details of animals' lives.

Many of the enchanting creatures depicted here are shy and rare and will be unfamiliar to the general reader. Many are threatened with extinction. This book can only aid in fostering appreciation of their fragility and uniqueness.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2002
195 x 275mm

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